Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Meeting Notes

At today's meeting, we basically went over what things we needed done and broke everyone down into groups to get the work done.  Below is a general breakdown of the groups and who is in them.  If I have you down in the wrong one or you want to switch, just contact me.

     Methane to Methanol Conversion Process (Jay and Matt)- Designing and producing a small scale product that will convert methane gas into methanol.  The current general idea (as I understand it) is to use a rare metal catalyst with a small pump to convert it, but with the funding, these guys have a little leeway to come up with something that will work.  (They are in the process of applying for an Undergraduate Research Award to supplement the Undergraduate Research Award.)
       Algal Feasibility (Marsha and Steph???)- Looking into the feasibility of removing the oil from algae from the ponds at UMBC and the Farm, in addition to possibility from the Chesapeake Bay, using the Algal Bloom maps the Bay Foundation has available.
       General Research (Atto, Mike)- The final group is more general and flexible, researching currently the physical standards required for ASTM certification of fuel.  Hopefully this will lead to more efficient fuel production in the future and possibly use of the fuel in Quadmania.
       Public Relations (DT, Nick)- Keeping the press and general public informed, working with the SEB and SGA to keep our group moving forward to improve the utility of the group.   Will be organizing demonstrations of our biofuel being used in generators, in order to start the use in generators.
      Anaerobic digestion (Nick, DT, Marsha, Angela)- Will be designing and building an anaerobic digestion chamber to get biogas out of manure.

Our entire group is going to start going out to the farm when it gets warmer (right now the biodiesel will gel) and we will need to start organizing rides to and from the farm.  Alas, that is about it for now.  Best of luck!


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Meles Zenawi said...

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