Saturday, February 28, 2009

Farm Trip

Today we went down to the farm and begun our planning for the following semester.  We discussed dividing into different groups and making our work a little more applicable.  The hope is to start getting two groups to come each week- each starting one batch and washing the second.  We have more than enough oil to last us a few months- let's see how quickly we can convert it...

Also- we hope to divide each section into one person's work.  Trying to improve the entire process is more than a little overwhelming, but if we could make each part one person's expertise, we could make this into something special.

We discussed the feasibility of the anaerobic digestion, as well.  We will soon attempt to find someone to do PR because I would like to spend more time working on the project rather than wasting it on "getting the word out."  If anyone wants research, we can pretty easily get more money and I already have a project for you.

It's great to see so much potential for progress.  The bureaucratic work is coming to a close for the semester- let's see how far we can go when it's done...

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