Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Years!

And with it, our next step in the project.  Now that the feastivities of the winter holidays wrap up, it becomes apparent that we may soon have a more organized schuduel for activities before spring semester starts again (not including an interview down at the farm with Motor Week, probably on January 12th).  (If anyone has a problem with that date, please contact Mike.)

In the area of supplies, the Chicken Basket is in the process of negotiating our use of their oil, in return for a split of the resultant biodiesel.  Mr. Hunt is looking into blending the rest with heating oil and running it through the furnace for the winter.

Our luck in terms of real estate is a little more interesting- it looks like business for the farm is going well enough that the room we are currently using may be turned into stalls for several more horses, so we may have a new facility coming soon.  Whether the new set up will include a(n) (Lewis) acid catalyzed reactor is, as of yet, unclear.

Happy New Years!

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